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New Artificial Photosynthesis Method Grows Food With No Sunshine

How can we grow more food using fewer resources? Scientists have been focused on this question for decades if not centuries, as an ever-growing global population necessitates constantly seeking new ways to produce food in sustainable and affordable ways. Here’s a question most of us have never contemplated, because it seems so unfathomable: what if […]

How can we protect food systems against global shocks?

Food, agriculture, land and ocean systems are the backbones of society, providing the sustenance that is essential to life. They are also central to the global economy – representing $10 trillion or over 12% of global GDP today and over 40% of all jobs. Agri-food systems alone are responsible for a third of global greenhouse emissions, over […]

New CRISPR Tool Protects Against Viruses Without Making Any DNA Cuts

When CRISPR first burst onto the biotech scene, it rose to fame for its precise cutting prowess—break a target DNA strand, silence a gene. But the tool came with hiccups. While far more efficient than previous tools for tinkering with the genome, CRISPR-Cas9 was at its core a genetic butcher. To edit a gene, the […]

Amazon Will Pilot Drone Delivery in California This Year

The number of packages people order—and the number of people ordering packages—isn’t likely to go down anytime in the foreseeable future, and companies are working on ways to get those packages delivered quickly and cheaply. Too many delivery trucks cause traffic and congestion; you’ve doubtless seen the Amazon, FedEx, or UPS trucks take over loading […]

From robotic dogs to magnetic slime: 6 ways robots are helping humans

Workplace robots are often associated with pushing human workers out of their jobs. But in numerous settings around the world, robots and related technology, like artificial intelligence, are helping humans with a range of work. This includes jobs that are high-risk and complex – and work in places where humans can’t go. Here are six […]

Digitalization is the key that can unlock net-zero for industry

The digital revolution offers industries the promise of a more efficient, productive and sustainable future. Peter Herweck, CEO of industrial automation at Schneider Electric, and Peter Weckesser, chief digital officer at Schneider Electric, sat down to discuss the possibilities – and how organizations should be taking advantage. Peter Herweck: The key to unlocking a net-zero future […]