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This 82-year-old Spanish inventor is extracting drinking water from thin air

A Spanish company has devised a system to extract drinking water from thin air to supply arid regions where people are in desperate need. “The goal is to help people,” said Enrique Veiga, the 82-year-old engineer who invented the machine during a harsh drought in southern Spain in the 1990s. “The goal is to get […]

Crypto fashion: why people pay real money for virtual clothes

People care what their avatars are wearing. When the virtual world Decentraland said in June users could make and sell their own clothing for avatars to wear on the site, Hiroto Kai stayed up all night designing Japanese-inspired garments. Selling kimonos for around $140 each, he said he made $15,000-$20,000 in just three weeks. While […]


BECOMING MARTIAN (The Astronaut Training Guide)

10 Metatrends Shaping Our Future

(1) Continued Increase in Global Abundance:┬áThe number of individuals in extreme poverty continues to drop, as the middle-income population continues to rise. Everyday goods and services (finance, insurance, education, and entertainment) are being digitized and becoming fully demonetized, available to the rising billion on mobile devices. The case for abundance has massively proven out since […]

Interconnected Disaster Risks