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Arm’s New Flexible Plastic Chip Could Enable an ‘Internet of Everything’

The ultimate goal of the Internet of Things (IoT) is to build computing capabilities into every object in the world, but that’s a pipe dream with today’s chips. Now British chip designer Arm thinks it might have the solution after unveiling the most powerful plastic microprocessor to date. The falling cost and size of silicon chips has made it possible to integrate […]

This little robot is cleaning up our beaches, one cigarette butt at a time

It seems many people leave behind more than just sandcastles when they go home after a trip to the beach. Beach litter is a recurring issue, and it is damaging our coastal environments and wildlife. And there is one small item that is causing a big problem: cigarette butts. They may only be a few […]

Nuclear fusion could provide unlimited clean zero-carbon electricity

Imagine almost limitless clean, carbon-free electricity. That’s the dream that’s driving scientists to build the world’s biggest magnet. The ITER project in southern France is pushing the boundaries of nuclear fusion, a reaction in which atoms are fused releasing enormous amounts of heat. It’s the process that powers the sun, but so far it’s only been achieved […]

Is Reality a Game of Quantum Mirrors? A New Theory Suggests It Might Be

Imagine you sit down and pick up your favorite book. You look at the image on the front cover, run your fingers across the smooth book sleeve, and smell that familiar book smell as you flick through the pages. To you, the book is made up of a range of sensory appearances. But you also […]

New Cultured Meat Factory Will Churn Out 5000 Bioreactor Burgers a Day

In August 2013, food critics in London sampled the world’s first lab-grown hamburger. Opinions on taste and texture varied, but most agreed it wasn’t all that different than meat from an animal. At the time, the cultured meat’s taste and texture didn’t seem like too big of a concern, because the cost of making the burger—a […]

How Can Astronomers Overcome The Damage Being Done By Satellite Mega-Constellations?

For countless millennia, whenever we were faced with a clear, cloudless, moonless night, all of humanity was able to witness the full beauty of a dark, pristine sky. From any location on Earth, thousands of stars could be seen at once, as well as intricate features in the Milky Way, a handful of other galaxies, […]

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