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Simplify sustainable agriculture and make it affordable for every farmer.

Weeding As A Service.

Autonomous robot.

drives safely over crop rows
safe and unsupervised
precise row following
lightweight and mobile
26h autonomy
adaptable to different track widths
easily maintainable

Deep learning.

distinguishes crops from weeds robustly
largest annotated plant image database in the world
99% per-pixel accuracy
12M+ annotated images
varied data: 65+ species, 50+ fields, 5+ years, growth stages, day and night
robust against mud, dew, strip-till
occlusions and overlapping plants

Mechanical chopper.

removes weeds precisely without chemicals
kills weeds that are very close to crop plants (< 1 cm)
in-row + inter-row weed removal
active tool: every touched weed is killed
no chemicals used
effective removal of large and small weeds

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