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  • Intuitive cleaning technology – Our smart artificial intelligence powered design will get your windows clean quickly and efficiently. The gecko detects edges and uses its advanced algorithm to scrub every part of your window, including those hard to reach areas that you would not be able to get to on your own
  • Safe and secure – With the gecko window cleaner, you do not have to climb ladders or put yourself at risk, you can clean your windows right from your sofa. Our cleaner comes with a safety rope attachment feature, ensuring double protection and security for your device
  • Remote and app power – The gecko’s smart design allows it to be controlled from the palm of your hand. The gecko comes with a full access app, allowing you to quickly and simply tailor the controls to fit your home
  • How to use – Start by referring to your user manual, properly secure the cloth pads on the device, plug in the device, spray the pads with 1-2 sprays of cleaning solution, place the device on the window, press the on button (the light will turn blue when it’s secure), secure with provided cable, once secured spray the surface. Make sure not to apply too much solution to the pads or window.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – If you have any questions about how to operate this product, please ask it in the customer questions & answers section below. Alternatively, you may reach out to our team via customer support or the contact info in the user manual. We are more than happy to walk you through any technical issues.

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