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Agriculture IoT startup n.thing developed Planty Cube, a vertical farm with technology to cultivate high-quality vegetables in a fully controlled environment that can increase production.

With the Planty Cube, clients can start a vertical farming business with a smaller number of units and expand as the business grows. To increase the size of their farm, clients can include more cubes as needed as their business grows gradually, compared to traditional warehouse vertical farms that have high initial costs.

The smart hydroponic farm, shaped like a shipping container, is made of stacked rows and shelves of planters on each wall. After seeds are sown through their smart seed capsules, a computerized system controls the environment in the Planty Cube and helps the plants thrive without constant human attention.

Co-Founder and CEO of n.thing Leo Kim said his inspiration for Planty products came from developing an IOT smart pot where users can check real-time information about their plants through sensors. Kim realized that people want to grow plants as easily as possible.

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