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The Spot Arm enables users to act on data insights and perform physical work in people-centric environments. The arm is equipped to operate through both semi-autonomous actions and telemanipulation and can be controlled through the Spot tablet or through the API. 

With the arm, operators can grasp, lift, carry, place, and drag a variety of items with the arm’s gripper and additional 6-degrees of freedom. Use the in-gripper LED illuminator and 4K RGB camera to inspect objects and equipment before taking action. Semi-autonomously turn valves, flip levers, open doors and manipulate other objects with constrained movement.

The Spot Arm comes fully integrated with the robot, and moves and balances with Spot for optimal range of motion and mobility. The arm can be attached to a Spot Explorer or Spot Enterprise robot, and can only be affixed or removed by Boston Dynamics.

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