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Bacterial Gene Engineering CRISPR Kit


If you are looking to use this kit to learn molecular biology and genetic engineering we instead recommend that you purchase our Learn Bioengineering Class which includes this kit as part of it. You can select payment plan on check out for the class to split the cost into 4 monthly payments of $80 each.
We Fulfill and Ship in 2-3 days in the US. Overnight is not required and neither are ice packs.

Due to the overwhelming number of emails we will not respond to emails asking when your item will be shipped. Understand we are doing our best to get it to you.

Comes with an example experiment that teaches you many molecular biology and gene engineering techniques.

Want to really know what this whole CRISPR thing is about? Why it could revolutionize genetic engineering? This kit includes everything you need to make precision genome edits in bacteria at home including Cas9, gRNA and Template DNA template for an example experiment.

Includes example experiment to make a genome mutation(K43T) to the rpsL gene changing the 43rd amino acid, a Lysine(K) to a Threonine(T) thereby allowing the bacteria to survive on Strep media which would normal prevent its growth.

Kit contains enough materials for around 5 experiments or more

LB Agar
LB Strep/Kan/Arabinose Agar
Glass bottle for pouring plates
Non-pathogenic E. coli DH5a bacteria
Inoculation Loops/Plate Spreader
10-100uL variable volume adjustable pipette(1uL increments)
Box of 96 Pipette Tips
14 Petri Plates
Microcentrifuge tube rack
Nitrile Gloves
Microcentrifuge tubes
50mL Tube for measuring
Bacterial transformation buffer 25mM CalCl2, 20% PEG 8000
LB Media for transformation recovery
Cas9 plasmid
gRNA plasmid
Template DNA

**Perishables included in this kit have been Freeze Dried. They will be viable up to a month at Room temperature**

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