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Oxford Invited an AI to Debate Its Own Ethics – What It Said Was Startling

Not a day passes without a fascinating snippet on the ethical challenges created by “black box” artificial intelligence systems. These use machine learning to figure out patterns within data and make decisions – often without a human giving them any moral basis for how to do it. Classics of the genre are the credit cards accused of […]

Do what you love, is no longer just advice

High school students learn early on that their future careers should be passion-driven. Self-help books counsel job searchers to start with reflection on what they love. And Hollywood films teach people, in romantic fashion, to aspire to work that is intrinsically satisfying and expresses our authentic selves. Researchers call this way of thinking about work […]

The Metaverse Is Money and Crypto Is King – Why You’ll Be on a Blockchain When You’re Virtual-World Hopping

You may think the metaverse will be a bunch of interconnected virtual spaces – the world wide web but accessed through virtual reality. This is largely correct, but there is also a fundamental but slightly more cryptic side to the metaverse that will set it apart from today’s internet: the blockchain. In the beginning, Web 1.0 was the […]

Sensor-Packed Electronic Skin Controls Robots With Haptic Feedback

Being able to beam yourself into a robotic body has all kinds of applications, from the practical to the fanciful. Existing interfaces that could make this possible tend to be bulky, but a wireless electronic skin made by Chinese researchers promises far more natural control. While intelligent robots may one day be able to match humans’ dexterity […]

Quantum Computers Could Crack Bitcoin. Here’s What It Would Take

Quantum computers could cause unprecedented disruption in both good and bad ways, from cracking the encryption that secures our data to solving some of chemistry’s most intractable puzzles. New research has given us more clarity about when that might happen. Modern encryption schemes rely on fiendishly difficult math problems that would take even the largest […]

Our children are growing up with Artificial Intelligence. Here’s what you need to know

A 2019 study conducted by DataChildFutures found that 46% of participating Italian households had AI-powered speakers, while 40% of toys were connected to the internet. More recent research suggests that by 2023 more than 275 million intelligent voice assistants, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, will be installed in homes worldwide. As younger generations grow up interacting […]