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  • ● Long battery life: 9000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, 4 hours battery life, providing extraordinary power for a long time, let you swim longer and enjoy shooting! Innovative power optimization algorithm, maximize power saving technology, with intelligent security protection and other functions.
  • ● Deeper: 100 meters water-tight technology in all waters, unique pressure-resistant and anti-corrosion material structure to ensure the depth of exploration that is unprecedented, with a 100-meter / 150-meter cable, a dive depth of 150 meters, and shooting in the deep sea Unique species, LED fill light illuminates the dark underwater world.
  • ● Clearer: professional-grade 4K camera, 120 ° wide-angle shooting, 1080P video screen real-time viewing, 1 / 2.9-inch CMOS image sensor, easy to take high-resolution pictures and videos, record wonderful views 32G large capacity body storage, worry-free saving and sharing.
  • ● 6 propellers: 30g / watt propulsion system, speed up to 2m / s, high-efficiency propellers, and replaceable propellers. 4 vertical thrusters + 2 horizontal thrusters, full of power, stable and reliable. Underwater movement is sensitive and free, which can effectively achieve 360-degree full attitude control.
  • ● Application scenarios: it can be used for underwater photography, island diving tourism, yacht fishing, etc. in industry, it can be used for search and rescue, aquaculture monitoring, hull dock inspection, reservoir dam / pier / municipal pipeline inspection, etc.

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